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Operation to drive Turkish forces from Syria has begun

Operation to drive Turkish forces from Syria has begun

On August 24, 2016, a Turkish expeditionary force entered Jarablus, Syria. Today, the Arab League began a military operation to persuade Turkey to withdraw. In short, Arab League and allied strategic special operators are blowing the hell out of the Turks.

Operation Euphrates Shield

Turkish armored vehicles, special forces, and aircraft assaulted Jarablus. Also, about 1500 Islamist fighters from seven Syrian rebel groups went along for the ride. But Operation Euphrates Shield is a farce, as I’ll prove.

First, listen to statements from the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD).

It’s reasonable for you to think. “Those are just sour grapes from losers who didn’t get what they wanted.”

However, the evidence indicates that they’re telling the truth. The Islamic State cooperated with Turkey and its proxies in the taking of Jarablus. My guess is that the Islamic State is still there, disguised.

Fake operation

The Sultan Murad Brigades—Turkmens—released the video below. It shows that there was no combat in Jarablus.

To begin with, these men have no military training. In a moment, I’ll post a video of the QSD taking the town of al-Shaddadi. You’ll be able to see the difference between a real operation and theater.

Although it”s hard to believe, the Turkish armed forces have no military skills. As a result, they will either leave Syria immediately, or they will suffer massive losses.

This man commanded the ground element of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Also Euphrates_Shield.1

He wears the red armband of Turkmens and the blue of Arabs. Unlike the others, he has body armor. Also, he’s armed with a Russian AKS-74U carbine.

Also HK33

This weapon is intended for close-quarters combat. Therefore of course this guy used it for long-range shooting.

also AKS-74U

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Operation Clown-Show

Below is a great screen grab.

Also Euphrates_Shield.3

From left to right.

First, an imbecile with his cap on sideways.

Second, an imbecile carrying his rifle the way a chimpanzee would.

Third, a depressed Turkish Special Forces soldier.

Fourth, a Turkish Special Forces soldier talking to the Turkish version of the nonexistent Syrian Arab Army “Tiger Forces” commander, Colonel Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan.

Also Suheil_al-Hassan

And look what happened when the Turks saw that someone was filming them.

Also Euphrates_Shield.4


Here is an incredible image.


The gunner on the right is firing his 23mm ZU-23-2 cannons right past the face of the gunner on the left (red arrow). I’ve never seen such stupidity in my life.

Next, the Turkish air force almost bombs a group of its own pet rebels.

also fratricide

Finally, rebels or Very Special Turkish soldiers to the right of these guys nearly mow them down.

also fratricide.2

Bullets rake the ground in front of them.

As can be seen, the Turks and their allies are buffoons. Who the hell decided that Turkey had exceptional armed forces? Did the reign of Erdoğan degrade them, or were they always crap?

Real operation

Here is the QSD taking al-Shaddadi. Try and find in the video below what’s missing in Operation Euphrates Shield.

So, did you say “front end loaders and earthen berms”?

also berms

Those big piles of dirt protect fighters from enemy fire. There are no berms in the Operation Euphrates Shield video. Everyone is out in the open, completely exposed.


Why? Because they’re receiving no incoming fire. Obviously nobody’s shooting at them. The Turks staged the whole thing. Turkey, the Islamic State, and the Islamist rebels launched a war against the Syrian Democratic Forces.

And now the Turks are paying for it.

Operation Go Home

When people on social media refuse to believe that the Arab League now has the most advanced military capabilities in the world, I understand. But Turkey has multiple intelligence organizations. What were the Turks thinking? There’s only one possible outcome to Operation Euphrates Shield. Things are unfolding as I predicted.

Also Operation_Euphrates.13

Modern antitank guided missiles (ATGMs) easily demolish the 55-year-old Turkish M60 Patton main battle tanks. And the Northern Sun Battalion is mostly Arab League strategic special operators. As long as no Arab nation takes credit for expelling the Turks from Syria, Erdoğan is impotent. Since Syrian Arabs are now publicly and vocally involving themselves in the fight against Turkey, Operation Euphrates Shield has already failed.

And the real fighting is just getting started. Jaysh al-Thuwar has announced that it will drive the Turks from Syria.

Also Jaysh al-Thuwar

Since Jaysh al-Thuwar has no outside support, it is without question Arab League and allied professional strategic special operators, mostly Saudi.



This group uses multiple unidentified new weapons, and it has its own aircraft.

And Jaysh al-Thuwar has never lost a battle.

I hope the Turks reconsider.

Operation Cook Off

We have a video of an ATGM utterly annihilating a Turkish M60 Patton tank.

The first missile was a warning. It was a small fuel-air explosive (FAE). Arab League commandos fired it at the house to say, “We know you’ve parked a tank there. Move it away. NOW.”

also Euphrates_Shield.15

also Euphrates_shield.16

also Euphrates_Shiled.17

First thing to remember is that putting military objects in close proximity to civilian dwellings is a war crime. The Turks hastily moved their tank.

also Euphrates_Shield.18

also Euphrates_Shield.19

In contrast to the first tank, the second was attacking QSD positions. Syrian Arabs are not fighting to establish an independent Kurdistan. Therefore Turkey has no legitimate rationale for its actions.

The ATGM penetrated the hull of the tank, setting off the ammunition.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.40.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.41.01 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.41.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.42.18 PM

also cook off.2

As shown above, the Arab League possesses the most powerful ATGM ever created. A normal ATGM warhead uses a shaped charge.

also TOW-warhead

The high explosive (red arrows) turns the copper cone inside out and melts it. Then this molten jet of metal cuts through the armor plate of the tank. A tank knocked out with a shaped charge looks like this.


No known ATGM produces the massive primary explosion seen in the video above. It’s new technology that shattered the tank into metallic powder.

Operation Just Stop

Only the Arab League and Israel know the full capabilities of the new commandos who’ve now turned their attention to Turkey. The ATGM above was never used in combat until today. We have no idea what else the Arab League can do.

Enough. Everybody needs to give up their imperialist ambitions. Israel and the Arab League are genuinely invincible. In the long run, this will benefit the entire planet.

So go home, Turks. While you still can. If you don’t, the Arabs will send you home.

In very small boxes.


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