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Jibber-jabber had its day. Action is the new normal

Jibber-jabber had its day. Action is the new normal

It’s axiomatic that those who talk the most are also those who care the least about their fellow humans. We reached peak jibber-jabber during the presidency of Barack Obama, who does nothing but talk. And golf. Now, fearless men and women are taking action. The courage of these people stuns me daily. They operate under the principle that unless they take action, there will be no change.

Therefore they take action. No challenge is too daunting for them.

Jibber-jabber is almost never true

I use social media to track down leads for my posts. However, 98 percent of everything said on Twitter, for example, is false. Either it’s misinformation, or it’s disinformation.


Everyone who supports terrorists always uses the “steal resources” canard. It was stupid in Desert Storm, and its stupid today. Here’s the reality of Hasakah.


Iran created the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF), modeled on the paramilitary Basij. These are murdering criminals who thrive on oppression.

For some reason I seem to be the only person on earth who recognizes that the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) have large numbers of Arab League and allied strategic special operators attached to them. The QSD could not implement a Kurdocentric program of ethnic cleansing even if it wanted to. Although Syrians are leading the fighting, the Saudis are providing air power, armor, and commandos.


People need to face reality. The old Middle East is dead. You’re seeing the final twitches of its corpse. The spirit departed this terminally ill patient long ago.

Jibber-jabber is silly

Another ridiculous accusation.


Our risk-averse president “instructed” the Kurds to wildly complicate the Syrian war? Why? The fighting in Hasakah put the US in a terrible position, since we would now have to protect the Arab groups we support in the fight against the Islamic State. Our solution was typical of President Obama.


How’d you like that jibber-jabber? There isn’t a no-fly zone over Hasakah, but the Syrians would be wise to stay away. In the rush to get likes and retweets, people reported something that didn’t exist. “NFZ” is “no-fly zone.”


And after Assad’s air strikes, we completely withdrew our military advisers from Syria.

In response to Assad’s attack, Arab League commandos helped the QSD repel Syrian ground forces. Unidentified fixed-wing gunships poured thousands of bullets onto the enemy. Airborne howitzers blew Syrian positions to pieces.

Action. Short, sharp, direct action.

Not jibber-jabber

Arabs are known for talking. I don’t speak Arabic, so I don’t know when a person is getting to the point or simply bloviating.

The commander of the operation to free Nineveh Governorate in Iraq is one of my heroes.


Major-General Najim al-Jibouri is the former mayor of Tall’afar, Nineveh, Iraq. He wrote a famous letter to the US Army Third Armored Cavalry Regiment, the “Hard Chargers.”






This letter is unique in the history of the US armed forces.

Major-General al-Jibouri is an independent thinker. New ideas don’t upset him. Therefore I decided to look at the videos of the Battle of al-Qayyarah, which concluded today.

Guess what I found?

Action is always better than jibber-jabber

The Islamic State took al-Qayyarah in 2014. Iraqi forces liberated the town in twelve hours. Below is a video of the battle.

The tank commander on the left below is wearing a Pakistani uniform in the “arid three-color” pattern.



Major-General al-Jibouri is used to working with foreign troops. He’s also a man who cares only about results, not sectarian or even national issues.

Pakistanis trained in Saudi Arabia for over a year. Their government adamantly denied that these troops would be sent to Yemen.

The new Arab League and allied strategic special forces cross-train in multiple branches of service. Therefore a Pakistani strategic special operator would understand armor, infantry, and air power. That one soldier would massively increase the effectiveness of the Iraqi forces.

Jibber-jabber is just noise

I’m not a fan of science fiction, but the following quote is true.


While Heinlein was right, his quote applies more to societal dysfunction than just poverty. Any effort at improvement is always resisted. Currently, almost nobody can figure out what’s actually happening in the Middle East, which is good. Politicians, journalists, pundits, and academics will raise hell when they realize that massive change for the better is underway. Right now, everyone’s wasting their time blathering about the American, European, Russian, Iranian, and Turkish roles.

Almost all “analyses” of the wars in Syria and Iraq make no mention of the Arab League. Why? Because to most non-Middle Easterners, Arabs are not a factor. Arabs are incompetent, corrupt, and helpless. They need others to lead them by the hand.

Well, every single nation on the planet is corrupt and incompetent. That’s the nature of government. Almost all people abuse their power. As a result, we end up with geopolitical entropy. Everything gradually declines into disorder.

Only dedicated individuals can change this pattern. We’re seeing it in the Middle East. Somehow a small number of people are becoming more and more successful at convincing others to change their behavior. It’s called a “preference cascade.” The sheer weight of numbers increases the speed of the change.

Jibber-jabber is self-defeating

Nobody is more bombastic than Turkish politicians.


The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) is arming, financing, and probably training the Islamic State. This pledge to “completely cleanse” the Islamic State from the border is already doomed to fail. The Turkish army can’t fight the very people who the government is supporting. Instead, the Turks and their Islamist Free Syrian Army allies will try to defeat the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In other words, a large number of Turks and Islamist rebels will die. Turkey is still playing at being Iran Junior. The Turks think that by supporting all sides in Syria, the region will pay tribute to the new Sultan, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Look how dramatically he’s aged in the past two months.


His hair is thinner, his eyes are now permanently glassy, and his face is sagging. He’s only sixty-two years old.

Below is eighty-year-old King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud at the Villa Tiberio restaurant in Marbella, Spain.


Apparently he is addressed as “Amigo Salman.”

One man will destroy anyone and anything in his quest for greatness. He fails to see that he’s destroying himself in the process.

The other man took fifty years to figure out how to save the entire Middle East.

And he doesn’t even wear a tie when he goes out to eat.

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