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Another fake Palestinian sniper video

Another fake Palestinian sniper video

By now many Israelis have heard of the fake death of Salem Shamaly, the young man in the green shirt. He was allegedly shot by an Israeli sniper in Shijaiyah on July 20, 2014. The video of his “shooting” was put out by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). It’s a transparent fraud. Not only was Shamaly not shot, his family told two completely different stories about the recovery and burial of his body. Max Blumenthal definitively debunked the ISM video. This second fake sniper video is different in that a man actually died. However, he was not shot by the IDF.

Nader Mohammed Edriss was shot during protests in the Bab al-Zawiya neighbohood of Hebron on August 8, 2014, and he died in the hospital at around 1:30 a.m. on August 9. Every news outlet that reported Edriss’s death said that he was shot in the heart by an Israeli sniper.

That’s a lie.

Here’s the video of the shooting.

The first thing you need to know is that the Israeli troops are firing rubber bullets with their M4 rifles. The long attachment on the end of the rifle barrel that you see in the opening of the video is the launcher used to fire less-lethal rubber bullets.


These bullets can kill you if fired at close range, but it’s clear that Nader Mohammed Edriss was not hit with one. Listen again to the report of the M4 rifle firing rubber bullets, and then listen to the sound of the gunshot that fatally wounded Edriss. Different weapons were used.

We’ll forget for a moment that IDF snipers don’t shoot people who are simply standing around. Also, the video shows that Israeli soldiers don’t shoot people who aggressively try to disrupt their operations. From the propaganda piece linked above.

Also note the brave older man near the end of the video waving a green cardboard rocket on his arm, in apparent support for Hamas’s actions in Gaza, right in front of soldiers’ guns.

No. He’s not brave. Palestinians get in Israeli soldiers’ faces because they’re not afraid, and they’re not afraid because they know that the Israelis won’t shoot them.

But if an Israeli sniper were to shoot a man for fun, the lightest rifle available to him is the .300 magum M24 Sniper Weapon System.

Also note the brave older man near the end of the video waving a green cardboard rocket on his arm, in apparent support for Hamas’s actions in Gaza, right in front of soldiers’ guns. – See more at: if an Israeli sniper were to shoot someone just for fun, the lightest rifle he’d use is the M24 Sniper Weapon System. Listen to the sound it makes.

Sounds completely different, doesn’t it? That’s because Nader Mohammed Edriss was shot with a pistol. That report is a pistol shot. I knew immediately that he was shot in the back, not the front, but who did it?

Well, I discovered that too.

Note the black SUV driving up, marked with a green arrow.


The red arrow marks Nader Mohammed Edriss, and the violet arrow identifies a man standing on the running board of the SUV, beside the driver’s window. There’s no question.

As the SUV begins to turn right, it gives us the clearest image of him, an olive-drab blob against the black paint.


The SUV stops, and there’s some kind of activity. The man on the running board seems to pass a white object—a gym bag?—into the driver’s window.


Then the man on the running board begins to move to his left, down the length of the vehicle.


The video is very poor quality, but you can see that he may be raising his arms in a two-handed firing grip.


He moves to the furthest end of the running board. At 0:11 he fires a pistol; this is the moment Nader Mohammed Edriss is hit. As you can see, there’s no blood on the front of his white shirt.


As Nader Mohammed Edriss begins to fall, the man on the running board steps to the ground. There’s still no blood on the front of Edriss’s white shirt.


Edriss continues to fall. The man who fired the pistol hasn’t moved. It’s possible that he didn’t mean to shoot Edriss.


After Edriss hits the ground, the man who shot him steps around the back of the vehicle. The image is very blurred, but there’s someone there, moving quickly.


Here’s the final moment we see the man who shot Nader Mohammed Edriss.


In the next frame, he’s gone. He ran around the back of the SUV and disappeared.


When people pick up Nader Mohammed Edriss, there’s no blood on the front of his shirt. The SUV drives off as the crowd carries Edriss away.


A closeup photo shows a lot of blood on his back and side; the blood on the front is nowhere near his heart.


Edriss was facing slightly to his left when he was shot. The photo above shows that he was hit in the left shoulder or armpit. There’s no wound on his chest; he was indisputably shot from behind, not the front. In the chaos of the rioting, it would be impossible to tell where the sound came from. However, we have more corroborating evidence. A man behind Edriss squatted when the shot rang out.


I believe that his instinctive reaction was caused by the sound of a pistol being fired close to him, from his right side. Despite all the noise, he heard it clearly.

Watch the video again, using the full-screen feature, marked with the red arrow.


Pay close attention to the black SUV from 0:09 to 0:13. Replay this segment multiple times the way I did. You’ll see that there was a man on the running board who jumped off and ran around the back of the SUV. When you want to go back to normal viewing, press your “esc” key.

Once again Israelis are accused of something they didn’t do. Nader Mohammed Edriss died. That’s a fact.


But Israelis didn’t kill him. I immediately knew that, because the IDF aren’t murderers. My task was to figure who did shoot Nader Mohammed Edriss. This is the only answer that makes sense. Israelis aren’t the cartoon monsters that childish, slobbering, brain-rotted oafs say they are. Here’s the sort of person who claims that Israelis randomly shoot bystanders.


It gives me great pleasure to be on the opposite side of degenerates like that.


This is the result of a single pistol shot to the chest. The dead man is Marlon Horton, killed by a police officer during a confrontation at a Near West Side Chicago Housing Authority.

Click the photo only if you want to see how much a genuine chest wound will bleed.


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