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Yes, the press uses fake video

Yes, the press uses fake video

Two days ago I wrote a post explaining why I don’t contact the media about my Pallywood and Gaza beach analyses. In response people wrote to me that I’d crossed the line in accusing the press of using fake video. My reputation would suffer! I was giving ammunition to those who want to discredit me!

Look: I have no reputation, so it can’t suffer, and I’m going to be discredited until I join the lurching drove of zombie Jew-haters, which now covers every continent on Earth.

I’ve resigned from society. Conventions mean nothing to me. I exist in a state of absolute liberty. One of the things I get to do is write whatever I want. So far nobody has sued me, which tells me a lot.

The faked Agence France Presse video

I have absolutely no doubt that the explosions in this video have been hugely enhanced with computer graphics. You have to watch it on Youtube, so don’t complain to me.

Watch it full screen by pressing this button.


AND WATCH IT ON A COMPUTER, NOT A CELL PHONE. Do I even have to say that? Yes I do!

Okay. The first GBU-32 1000-lb (460 kg) bomb arrives on the scene (green arrow).


We MAY be seeing video of an actual strike on an Islamic State bunker (blue arrow), but even if this part of the video is genuine, the rest of it is fake. Keep an eye on the man standing out in the open (red arrow).

The GBU-32 explodes.


The man in the open is hit by both the blast AND the fragmentation. His body should be chopped into at least fifty pieces.

However, he’s not only intact, he’s completely unaffected.


He didn’t even raise his arms or duck. This is one tough terrorist! He eats GBU-32s for breakfast.

On second thought, maybe not. As the fragments of razor-sharp steel whiz through the air, he starts to lower his head.


And then his head falls off.


No, it’s not a turban; it’s his head. Note the flat line of his shoulders.


How ironic that an Islamic State terrorist was decapitated. His head keeps falling, and in the background, his buddy squats, preparing for an amazingly athletic maneuver.

A second GBU-32 hits the bare ground on the left (blue arrow), targeting nothing; the decapitated terrorist stands there as his head hits the ground; and the other terrorist has done a back flip into the explosion behind him.


Note the time (yellow arrow). In less than a second, the explosion on the left has already created a giant mushroom cloud.

Famous artists have taken over. The explosion on the left is now a Pablo Picasso flashlight-painting, while the smoke from the first explosion has gone a beautiful Maxfield Parrish sunset pink.


The headless terrorist stands his ground, while his back-flipping colleague flies out of the explosion, treading the air. Only seven seconds have elapsed.

Finally we hit eight seconds.


The earth-fountain on the left is a perfectly contained column; the flying terrorist is stationary above the ground; the headless terrorist stubbornly refuses to fall over; and most of the glowing particles from the first bomb have developed black auras.

Now the flying terrorist has disappeared. He hung there for a full second and then winked out. Note the position of the headless terrorist relative to the fence post below him.


For the rest of this segment, we’ll watch as the headless terrorist finally snaps out of his trance and runs to safety.






Somebody was having fun with us. He’s probably an Islamic State sympathizer, so he made an IS terrorist get decapitated by an American GBU-32 but not die. I’m positive that most of the smoke clouds and flying dirt are computer-generated imagery (CGI). As sophisticated as CGI is, it can’t perfectly imitate real explosions.

I know that this bombing is without question real.

The problem with video is that the low resolution allows for much fakery. Still, there are tip-offs. The edges of the smoke clouds in CGI are ALWAYS too well delineated.


See how blurry the ground is in the image on the left? But the edges of the smoke clouds are sharp.

Also, due to the influence of video games and movies, people think explosions send out starfish arms of earth and smoke, as in this screen grab from The Hurt Locker.


Look at the explosion on the left of the AFP video.


It’s CGI. These are kabuki explosions; they’re stylized. The press has been using fake explosion video for years.

The microphone is too far away to pick up the sound of the bombs swooshing in, the fireballs climb far too high, the mushroom clouds grow far too quickly, the falling debris is the size of eighteen-wheeler trucks, and the bases of the explosions are all conveniently hidden behind buildings. Also, the mosque in the foreground at the beginning is the “tell” that it’s fake.

This next one is just pathetic.

It has most of the same problems as the video above, with the addition that the sound of one explosion has been looped so that it plays over and over.

Some of the video from Iraq and Afghanistan is fake. This one, for example.

There are multiple giveaways: Nobody announces a countdown to the strike, the explosions have those stupid Hollywood-video-game starfish arms, the debris landing in the water doesn’t create ripples, you hear cheesy pweeeeng ricochet sounds, and this smoke is ridiculous.


It’s not expanding. Instead, it’s rolling like a log in a lumberjack contest because that area of the video was “masked,” and footage of boiling smoke was put in. Then there’s the shadow in the lower left-hand corner, which keeps disappearing and reappearing after 1:43.


And the gray mushroom cloud doesn’t get taller during the entire video. It’s pretty depressing how corrupt people are.

The bombing in the AFP video was probably the destruction of an Islamic State combat post. I found two photos of the event.


Smoke and flames rise over a hill near the Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike

When you compare them, you can see that they’re faked. The main bodies of the mushroom clouds are identical, but details and colors differ.

Smoke and flames rise over a hill near the Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike

This is supposed to be the first explosion in the AFP video.


Here’s the Islamic State fighter somehow surviving the blast effect and the thousands of steel fragments filling the air.


Now it looks like a hat—not his head—falling off. The problem is that the pressure wave would’ve ruptured his lungs. There’s no way around that. He simply could not be upright the way he is.

Here he is again as the explosion continues.


It took him less than one-quarter of a second to turn completely around and begin running in the opposite direction, and his torso is one-third longer than it should be. He’s got the body of a cockroach. The inset shows him as he’d look with human proportions.


Finally, the video and still photos match exactly.


There are cameras that can shoot video and still photos simultaneously; beginning at 0:07 in the video, you can hear the motor drive of a camera capturing hundreds of images. The sound stops at 0:12. Why? Because nothing important happened after that. All the other explosions and mushroom clouds are phony.

The still photo above proves that the video was doctored: The second explosion and the pink hue were added. One explosion took place, and the rest is CGI and Photoshop. That combat post would’ve been taken out with one GBU-32, not fourteen of them. Also, the AFP video has an edit right before the GBU-32 hits. The reason for the edit is that this entire presentation has been falsified. It’s simply not possible to know the real sequence of events.

At 0:30 there’s only one mushroom cloud.


It essentially confirms my theory, that one bomb was dropped, and all the other explosions and drama were faked. Just like the soundtrack. The voices keep talking over the edits, which means that they were added in post-production.

I take wars seriously. Since journalism is now indistinguishable from Hollywood, I don’t talk to the press. Something was bombed in Kobane. Why couldn’t the photographer-cameraman just show us what happened instead of turning it into a grubby action film with starfish-armed explosions, Picasso fireballs, and indestructible human cockroaches?

Twenty years ago everyone involved in this endless media fakery would be instantly fired. Now, nobody cares.

Diurna mortuus est.

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